Dealing with writing a dissertation for receiving a degree that is scientific of physician?

Dealing with writing a dissertation for receiving a degree that is scientific of physician?

A dissertation for getting a medical degree of a physician of sciences could be prepared both in the type of a manuscript as well as in the type of a person medical monograph. a dissertation that is doctoral be submitted for protection in one or two specialties of 1 branch of technology.

Conditions for acquiring doctor’s degree

The protection of a dissertation for receiving a clinical degree of a medical practitioner of sciences in the shape of a posted monograph is supposed as an exclusion in such conditions.

  1. The monograph is posted without co-authors.
  2. The monograph contains outcomes of systematic researches associated with the writer, published earlier in professional systematic editions of neighborhood along with other countries.
  3. The amount of this content that is main of monograph is not significantly less than 15 accounting and publishing works in neuro-scientific humanities and social sciences and also at minimum 10 accounting and publishing works in the area of normal sciences and engineering.
  4. Existence of reviews of no less than two physicians of sciences, experts regarding the specialty of this dissertation, that ought to be suggested into the initial information associated with monograph.
  5. Existence for the recommendation of this medical council of the clinical organization, company or more academic organization in the publication of the monograph, that should be suggested with its initial information.
  6. Blood circulation of no less than 300 copies.
  7. Existence of international enrollment quantity.
  8. Comprehensive conformity utilizing the demands for the editorial design associated with monograph relative to the state criteria.
  9. Presence of a monograph into the funds of libraries during the period of presentation for the dissertation into the protection.

The thesis that is doctoral done by an applicant who may have significant medical work and it is effective at fruitful research as time goes on. Egy kattintás ide a folytatáshoz….